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Extending from Easky Village to Fortland Falls this beat comprises of six main pools although fish can also be encountered anywhere in between. This beat fishes best early in the season although fish will arrive off almost every tide throughout the season. In low water conditions a high tide is often all that is required to encourage fresh fish to run into beat 1.

Access to this stretch is from a footpath which follows the river from just below Fortland Bridge to the Laundry Pool, anglers may park in the visitors car park which is a few minutes walk from the river bank and it is well signposted.

The Laundry Pool

springThe first main pool on the Fortland fishery, it also holds fish and can be absolutely packed with sea-liced salmon when a run arrives. It may be fished from either bank, and both access and casting room are good. The neck of the pool is a deadly spot with the fly, especially early in the morning and even in low water. The body of the pool has a number of holding lies and fish will often be seen showing or following the flies across the pool. The tail of the pool is fished in high water where fish will rest after running the turbulent stretch of water below. Some of the best night-time sea-trout fishing can be had on this pool but one must ensure that it has been rested for a few hours before dusk. It is not necessary to wade this pool.

The Rock Pool

springA streamy, rocky run fished when the grilse are running. It can be fished from either bank but it perhaps best fished by wading along the West Bank.


The Cliff Hole

springA narrow even bottomed pool which is deep at the head and under the steep west bank. It is fished only from the East Bank and casting must be accurate. Fish lie at the head of the pool in the stream, under the west bank and further back in the pool across the width of the pool and under both banks. The sill of the pool is a good spot in high water or when fish are travelling.

The Sand Hole

springA lovely bend, deep on the east side with a shallow, sandy bank on the west side. It is fished only from the west bank by wading in shallow water. The stream at the head fishes well with fish lying around the large rock close to the east bank. There are lies all along the east bank close to the rock shelf, which is visible. The sill of the pool is an excellent spot in high water or when fish are travelling. In suitable conditions this is a most exciting nighttime sea-trout pool as fish can be heard splashing up through the shallows into the tail of the pool. This is one of the best pools for fly-fishing on the entire fishery.

The Platform Pool

springA deep pool with a rocky bottom and steep sides, which can be fished from either bank. It holds a lot of fish throughout the season and after a dry spell it can be packed with fish waiting to ascend the falls. Fish always show in this pool. The tail, which is fished from the west bank, is productive for fly-fishing when fish are running or the body of the pool may be fly-fished at night for sea trout. The deep body of the pool is more suited to spinning or bait fishing and fish can be caught here even in the lowest of water conditions.

The Gorge

springA very picturesque narrow gut at the foot of Fortland Falls which is fished from a rock ledge on the east bank. This is an extraordinarily beautiful spot where fish can be watched ascending the falls. It is best fished with bait in medium to low water.

The Nibb fishes the bubble and fly well in low water, but can be fished confidently at any height of water