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Beat 2 extends from Fortland Falls to the Nursery Pool. It is characterised by deep, narrow pools between rock ledges flowing through a beautiful wooden area. These pools hold fish all season after the first flood. It has six main pools each of which may be easily accessed from the coach path. Car parking is available at designated positions along this path. Wading is not necessary on beat 2.

The Merry Hole

springA small pool fished from the west bank. This is the first spot for fish to rest after ascending the Fortland Falls, it is deceptive and although small can be absolutely full of fish. Fish lie right under the ledge from which you fish and under the lower part of the east bank. Be sure to have a net here as the banks are steep and the flow strong.

The Romain's

springA number of small deep pools which can be fished from either bank. Overhanging trees and the confined nature of these pools mean that fish must be carefully approached at close quarters with a fly when fish are running or light bait fishing tackle in low water. A net is essential here.

The Sheep Dip

springA deep holding pool over hung by large mature trees around a picturesque clearing. It can be fished from from either bank. The fast, narrow neck gushes between rock ledges and flows into a deep flat bottoms holding pool, which holds fish throughout the season. The neck and tail can be fished in good water whereas the body of the pool requires a deeper technique. This can be a good pool for sea trout at night.

The Bridge Pool

springA pedestrian footbridge crosses the run above the head of this narrow deep pool. It is best fished from the rock ledges of the east bank and is very much a pool for running fish. Once again this is a pool where a net is essential.

The Rosary Pool

springThe pool immediately above the footbridge. It must be fished from the rock ledges on the east bank and wading is not necessary. This is a shallow swift flowing stream with a distinctive boulder near the tail, best water height is when this boulder is just covered. Fish lie in the fast water at the head and towards the tail against the west bank. A good pool for the fly when the grilse are running.

The Weir Pool

springA shallow even bottomed pool with over-hanging trees. It is generally fished from the west bank. Fish lie along the main flow and under the rock ledges along the west bank. A couple of large rocks just visible in low water provide holding lies in the body of the pool.

The Nursery Pool

springThis is the largest pool on the fishery and is shared between beat 2 and beat 3. The east bank is fished with beat 2. This pool always holds a large number of resident fish but fresh and running fish will also be encountered here, it is perhaps the main holding pool on the fishery. It fishes well to the fly in medium to high water but is very sheltered from the wind so the surface can be a bit glassy. Spinning or bait fishing can be deadly here at any time. Fish will lie throughout the pool but tend to be concentrated below the rock ledges, which run along each bank and at the head of the pool when fish are running. This is another excellent pool for sea-trout fishing at night.

The Nibb fishes the bubble and fly well in low water, but can be fished confidently at any height of water