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Beat 3 is the uppermost double bank beat on the Portland Fishery and comprises of seven main pools which are generally shallower and more open than those of beat 2. It flows through a picturesque wooded area and is accessible along its length from the coach path; anglers may park at designated spots.

The Nursery Pool

springThe west bank of the Nursery Pool is fished with beat 3. As mentioned previously it holds large numbers of fish year round and can be fished in any conditions or water levels.


The Doctor's Pool

springA beautiful, swift flowing, medium depth pool with steep banks surrounded by mature overhanging trees. It is fished by wading along either bank and care must be taken in higher water levels. The fish lie mostly towards the tail of the pool in good water or in the head of the stream as levels drop. Single-handed spey or roll casts are a great help to cover this pool well. This is a classic spate river salmon pool.

The Log Jam

springA shorter version of the Doctor`s which is most easily fished from the rock ledges along the west bank although with care it may be waded along the east bank. It has a deep head, an even gravelly bottom in the body, and a long shallow tail. The fish lie at the head in the stream and along the ledge, and under the overhang further back along the east bank.

O'Reilly's Stream

springA shallow even run which may be fished from either bank by shallow wading. Another spot for travelling fish.


Paula's Stream

springReached via steps from the end of the surfaced area of the coach path. Another shallow even run with beautiful overhanging trees it is best fished from the rock ledge on the east bank. There is a deep pot towards the tail of the run on the east side, which holds fish.


springVery similar to Paula's Stream but the deep pot is at the head of the run close to the west bank. Once again a spot for runners.


The Stepping Stones

springThis pool is quite different to the others on beat 3. It is accessed by crossing the shallows above Paula's or Kilmacurkan to the east bank and then using the steps and stiles provided. There is a deep backwater near the head below which a shallow gravelly glide deepens into a deep hole at the tail. Residents can be found in the deeps whereas runners will be encountered in the glide.

The Nibb fishes the bubble and fly well in low water, but can be fished confidently at any height of water