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Beat 4 comprises of 3/4 mile of single bank angling on the west bank immediately upstream of Beat 3 of the Fortland Fishery Double Bank Fishery.

springIt comprises of 4 main pools with a number of streamy runs and glides. Two deep holding pools each below a waterfall can be fished with bait in any water conditions or, as with the remainder of the water, with all methods during good water.



springRunning fish may be encountered anywhere along the length of Beat 4 and searching every nook and cranny with the fly can be productive and exciting during good water.


springAccess to Beat 4 is from the top of Beat 3 or with a 1/2 mile walk downstream from the main Sligo-Ballina road bridge. Access to the pools and casting room on Beat 4 are less developed and more difficult than on the other beats of the Fortland Fishery.


springFour rods are let per day on Beat 4.

The Nibb fishes the bubble and fly well in low water, but can be fished confidently at any height of water